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Residents of the big Polish city of Gdansk have come in droves giving their blood to their mayor, who is fighting for his life after being repeatedly stabbed on the scene at a big charity event on Sunday.

Pawel Adamowicz, 53, mayor of the northern city of Gdasnk, was attacked during a fundraiser organized by Poland's Big Orchestra of Christmas charity, "Lights to Heaven", Good Non Profit reported.

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According to APSeveral residents queuing up to donate their blood claimed that they had even been granted leave to help save the longtime mayor.

Just before the attack, Adamowicz stood on stage as the show entered his finale, holding a sparkler as a pyrotechnic show broke out in front of the crowd. He had just praised the event, calling it a "wonderful day".

Suddenly, a man – described by the AP as a convicted felon – rushed to the scene and launched a furious white-knuckle attack against Adamowicz, who collapsed on floor.

As passers-by rushed to his rescue, the attacker made a prodigal gesture to the crowd, raising his arms above his head and displaying the weapon. He reportedly shouted from the stage where he had been wrongfully imprisoned while a previous government was in power, headed by the Civic Platform party to which Adamowicz belonged until recently.

The man, who called Stefan, was arrested and taken off the scene. "I was imprisoned but innocent. … civic platform m & # 39; tortured. That's why Adamowicz just died, "he said.

Police confirmed that the perpetrator was a convicted criminal and stated that his criminal record included bank robberies. Spokesperson Mariusz Ciarka explained that the attacker had had access to the scene with a badge and had suggested that he was suffering from a mental illness.

Adamowicz was resuscitated by doctors on the stage and then taken to a nearby hospital. He survived an emergency surgery of five hours, but is still fighting for his life. Dr Tomasz Stefaniak, a member of the treatment team, told reporters that the mayor was "in a very serious state".

Stefaniak explained, according to the BBC, that the mayor had been seriously injured in the abdominal area. He also noted that the victim received 41 units of blood

He called on the Poles to dedicate their thoughts and prayers to Adamowicz, warning: "The next few hours will decide everything."

Dr. Jerzy Karpinski, Chief Medical Officer of Gdansk Region, told reporters on Monday that the mayor was a "relatively young and healthy person with no health problems" and that he hoped to survive. He suggested that the situation would become clearer in the next 20 hours.

Adamowicz is from Gdansk and has been the mayor of the city since 1998. His current term – his sixth – will run until 2023. He left Civic Platform and presented himself as an independent during his last success. electoral.

He entered politics as a member of the democratic opposition to the ruling Communist Party in the 1980s. According to the biography of his website, he allegedly helped organize an anti-government student action in 1988, while the authoritarian government was in the grip of a series of strikes at the national level.

UPDATE: Polish Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski said Monday morning that Adamowicz had died as a result of injuries sustained during Sunday's attack, despite efforts to save his life. "We could not win," he told reporters, confirming the death of the longtime mayor.

Stab on Poland Gdansk A man is detained in the field by security officers after attacking the mayor of Gdansk during a charity event in Gdansk, Poland, on January 13, 2019. PIOTR HUKALO / AFP / Getty Images