Mayor of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz is in critical condition after being stabbed | Simon Krawczyk / AFP via Getty Images

The attacks shocked the country and ended the normal partisan war around the charity event.


13/01/19, 22h25 CET

Last updated 13/01/19 at 22h36 CET

WARSAW – Gdańsk Mayor Paweł Adamowicz was in critical condition Sunday night after being stabbed by an assailant with a knife, which stormed the scene during the final of a national charity event, the local media reported.

Adamowicz participated in the event organized by the Greater Christmas Charity Orchestra (WOŚP), one of the country's leading charities, which organizes an annual fundraiser to raise funds for 39, purchase of hospital equipment.

The attacker reportedly yelled that he had been improperly jailed under the previous centrist Civic Platform government, which had lost power in 2015; Adamowicz was previously a member but is now independent. The alleged abuser was arrested.

The stabbing shocked the country, with expressions of support for Adamowicz from across the political spectrum.

"Pray for Paweł Adamowicz," m said Donald Tusk, former Prime Minister of the Polish Civic Platform and now President of the European Council.

President Andrzej Duda tweeted that he "has generally differed" politically with Adamowicz, "but today I am unconditionally with him".

The charity and its founder, rock musician Jerzy Owsiak, were violently attacked by members of the Roman Catholic Church and by members of the ruling party, the Law and Justice Party, and its supporters. media, who accused Owsiak of wrongdoing, wasted too much politics.

In response, the charity has become a symbol for people who do not like the government: its revenues climbed to 126 million złoty (29 million euros) last year, against 50 million złoty before 2015, when law and justice took power.

"In this country, we have returned so much in recent years that we can not even honor a festival like the WOP," Owsiak said after the knife attack. "Do not do that … let's be polish people who like it."

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