NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – – This is National Awareness Month on Human Trafficking. True Justice International, a nonprofit organization located in eastern North Carolina, uses it to raise awareness about the issue of alarm signals.

Trafficking in human beings is a $ 150 billion criminal industry and one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. About 30 to 40 million people are trafficked each year.

North Carolina is ranked number 8 in the country for human trafficking.

"Both in New Bern, Havelock, Jacksonville, is a lot of things to do in eastern North Carolina," said Tricia Brien, WillForce's director for True Justice International.

New Bern Police Cpt. Darren Fuller said: "We have experienced some human trafficking, but we do not know everything that is involved in human trafficking."

True Justice International organized a training for local law enforcement on Thursday to help them identify the victims.

"It can often be intimate partner violence or substance abuse, but you have to look behind the scenes and dig to see what's really going on," said Traci Klein, Executive Director of True Justice. International.

The information is a step forward for the New Bern Police Department.

Fuller said the New Bern Police Department was working on a relationship with True Justice to continue training its agents.

The police department also plans to organize training sessions so that officers notice the signs of a victim.

This training aims to develop a partnership between the police service and non-profit organizations.

The result is to raise awareness among victims and survivors of human trafficking.

If you or any of your acquaintances are a victim or survivor of human trafficking seeking help, you may contact True Justice International at 252-631-5111.