Kelowna, a non-profit organization, would have taken millions


In a civil suit filed in British Columbia The Supreme Court, owner of Access Resources, a non-profit organization that provides services to youth and adults with disabilities, claims that more than $ 2 million has gone missing while Carey and Doug Earl worked for the organization.

Carey was the bookeeper and Doug was a consultant.

Court documents show that Access Resources alleges that Carey Earl took more than $ 2 million from the organization before being fired from his position last year. The document adds that she has used more than $ 1.1 million to pay her credit cards and the rest of the money can not be counted.

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In an affidavit, the owner of Access Resources claims that Earl Carey acknowledged the thefts, but challenges the amount that she would have taken.

The affidavit states: Around October 26, 2018, I confronted the defendant, Carey Earl, with the thefts and she admitted to stealing, misappropriating and / or embezzling funds from the plaintiff's accounts, as indicated above. The accused, Earl Carey, said: "You're right, I stole you. Do what you must do and I will plead guilty to the court. "

In their defense, Earl claims that they have earned money. The court document reads as follows:

"A significant amount of the allegedly stolen money was money that the defendants were legitimately entitled to receive from the plaintiff in the form of salary, contract or other payment."

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Global News attempted to contact the Earls, but they were not at home in Lake Country and have not yet answered our calls.

No one at Access Resources wanted to comment on the camera, but said that he had done an internal audit and the findings had been forwarded to the RCMP.

Access Resources points out that it is still a civil matter and that none of these allegations has been proven in court. But what she really wants to point out is that, despite this investigation, none of the services provided by Access Resources to its clients has been or will be affected by the investigation.