Denver non-profit needs volunteers to count the annual number of homeless


A Denver homelessness group is looking for hundreds of volunteers on the riverbanks, underpasses and walkways to find every homeless person living in the metropolitan area in one day.

Last year, investigators counted 5,317 people homeless in the Denver metropolitan area, according to a press release issued by the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative.

This year, surveyors will begin looking for homeless people from the sunset from January 28 to 28, said Diane Howald, community engagement leader for the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative, which is organizing the annual survey on the point in time.

Hundreds of volunteers and agents will mobilize in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties to find the homeless for the investigation, she said said in a press release.

The Metro Denver Homeless Initiative is recruiting volunteers to work alongside service providers, and the agency is looking for financial donations to fund this event, said Howald.

The Point in Time survey is conducted throughout the country during the last ten days of January. It's called Everybody Counts Region. The data is used to inform the US Department of Housing and Urban Development of the level of needs of each community, said Howald.

Most homeless people live in temporary housing or shelters. But last year, the Denver metro survey found that 1,308 homeless people lived in tents, vehicles, parks or underpasses.

Colorado was singled out in a recent federal report for his high number of homeless families with children.

"The Point In Time count helps us understand who lives homelessness in the Denver subway. It increases community collaboration, raises public awareness, and provides the data needed to create effective programs and services, as well as to find additional housing resources, "said Rebecca Mayer. Acting Executive Director of Metro Denver Homeless Initiative.

Anyone interested in volunteering or giving money can sign up for