TANEYCOMO, Missouri – A local nonprofit is hoping to raise funds to clean one of the Ozarks lakes.

Taneycomo Lake was built by Empire Electric in 1913 to produce electricity. Engineers at the time said that it had a life of 100 years. Now, it is progressively filling up with sediments, which, according to experts, could spread to nearby streams such as Turkey and Roark.

"We were hoping to start the summer, or the fall of this year 2019, but it all depends on them and us, so we can sort out all the details," said David Casaletto, executive director of Ozarks Water Watch. He added that this led to aquatic life, plants choking the possibility of bringing in boats and fish – and making the water less deep. The organization requested a grant of $ 400,000.

"We went to MNR and said that you would consider getting a request for such a plan, they said yes," said Casaletto.

This cleanup effort of Lake Taney-Como will not be the preserve of an organization, it will require team work.

"We will work closely with Missouri State University. The SEEWR will help us in the scientific areas needed to implement this watershed management plan, "said Casaletto.

"We will be meeting with local governments, landowners, officials and other watershed stakeholders to get their input and support, so it's a community project," said Ronna Baxby, director of the watershed. projects in Missouri.

"We are going to analyze one thing, we are going to look at the water quality data to see where we might have problems," Baxby said. "We will conduct an analysis of the watercourse bank to see where we are most often." ongoing erosion, because it is one of the main parts of the plan ".

The group also plans to gather public comments through a survey – and to visit landowners who lose their land due to erosion caused by the river.