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Missy Robertson, star of "Duck Dynasty", is passionate about helping people in need. It helps women who are coming out of help children and families in needRobertson and his family have devoted much of their time to charity – a topic recently touched on in detail by the TV star in an interview with The Billy Hallowell Podcast.

Robertson explained the powerful work that she and her husband, Jase, are doing through their charity, the fund Mia Moo, an organization that they founded in 2014 to "ensure every child a warm and bright smile".

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Robertson The 15-year-old daughter Mia was born with a cleft lip and palate. At present, they are trying to help other families who are facing the same trip. The goal is to help these fathers and mothers navigate the complexities and pitfalls that often accompany these complex congenital malformations.

Listen to Robertson share his trip below:

"When we diagnosed myself at the age of 31 weeks, we did not know what it would involve," Robertson explained, noting that awareness is sometimes not widespread. "It's not really a serviceable condition, but it's a manageable condition."

Clarify that "split"means" a hole "or a cleft in the upper lip or roof of the mouth, she noted that each child is different and that each family is facing a unique battle.However through the Mia Moo Fund, she hopes help families navigate uncertainty and the cost that comes with the condition.

"One of the functions of the Mia Moo fund is to make the journey of cleft lip and palate better known," she said. "The other is to help financially parents and families living here in America".

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Until now, the Robertson have helped 59 families, with assistance of over $ 275,000.

At the end of October, Missy and Jase organized an event at a recently-purchased plantation, with the goal of spending quality time with some of the families supported by the Mia Moo Foundation.

"We invited all the families we helped … 22 families came," she said. "And they came and we were able to meet them, we were able to spend time with them … and we called ourselves" Mia Moo Fun Day ".

With food, family time, games and discussions, Robertson said she hoped to make the event an annual event.

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She also discussed laminin, his jewelry business booming which employs women from the sex industry, drug abuse and poverty. The company makes beautiful jewelry while helping to change the lives of these women. Learn more about this incredible effort right here.

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