Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey says Mayor has fired him from a non-profit organization


Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey was sacked at the head of the Jersey City Vocational Training Center following a stormy meeting Monday night as part of what he called Mayor Steve's political hit Fulop.

The nine members of the Jersey City Employment and Training Program Board of Directors voted against Bishop McGreevey, despite testimonials from clients placed by the employer 's employment. former governor.

The vote was 5-3 with one abstention, the Jersey Journal reported.

McGreevey, 61, is director of the non-profit association since 2013.

He told The Post that he had not received any explanation regarding his sudden dismissal.

"I said: Can you give me one reason why you do this? Can you give me the opportunity to respond, "McGreevey said Tuesday.

"They offered no reason. They fell silent.

The dismissal took place after McGreevey fell out of favor with Fulop, who dominates the JCETP board.

McGreevey said his relationship with the mayor deteriorated last year when he fired Eugene McKnight, a political staff member and supporter of Fulop, after being charged with having cashed in $ 40 a year. months with former offenders that he had helped to place.

"I fired it. He was one of the main political actors of Fulop. It was unfortunate. That's where everything changed, "said McGreevey.

He rejected allegations that funds from the non-profit association were diverted.

"There is no embezzlement. It's a blatant lie. We are audited by the state. We have a good, clean program, "said McGreevey, who earned $ 119,000.

Mayor spokeswoman Ashley Manz insisted that he had no role in the shots.

But she confirmed that the mayor was preoccupied with allegations of "embezzlement" at McGreevey's agency.

"The JCEPT Board of Directors makes decisions regarding Jim McGreevey and JCEPT. While Jim McGreevey speaks of political retaliation, he has not provided anything to support this claim, "said Manz in a statement.

"The Mayor and McGreevey have not spoken for years and McGreevey has only made the allegation [that the mayor was behind his ouster] after concerns were voiced by the state, county, JC Economic Development and WIB County [Workforce Investment Board] regarding misappropriation of funds under McGreevey to the JCEPT. Everyone can see that the moment of the allegation is very suspect, "she said.

McGreevey resigned from his governorship in 2004 after acknowledging that he had had an affair with a male employee during his wedding and announced that he was gay. The case with anti-terrorist advisor and Israeli citizen Golan Cipel left him vulnerable to "false allegations and threats of disclosure".