New representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Socialist Democrat and the media, made a Breakfast Club Several years ago, film dancing began at the university, of which an edited version was published on social media. NewsweekJason Le Miere wrote two deceptive articles in the media list, reinforcing with total ignorance the myth that Republicans are offended or scandalized by his dance, never naming a single outraged Conservative. The first was Thursday "Conservatives mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the university dance video, everyone thinks it's adorable. "

Actually, nobody has a problem with that, and many conservatives are defending it and wondering what it's all about. This did not stop the media from inventing offended conservatives. An edited clip of the original Breakfast Club video tribute was initiated by an obscure Twitter account this has now been removed.

Le Miere did his best to describe Ocasio-Cortez as a victim of conservative mockery.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a target for conservatives ever since the Democratic Socialist stunned American politics by upsetting long-time Democratic MP Joe Crowley during his primary democrats at the US House last June. The Bronx native looked everything from her fashion choices to her bank account. Now, his dance has joined this growing list.

He faked the timeline, while in fact everyone had the video from the same obscure source of Twitter.

Shortly before the 29-year-old became the youngest member of Congress ever to be sworn in, several conservative Twitter threads shared a video of her dancing on a rooftop. The video, staging his dance at the "Lisztomania" in Phoenix in an apparent homage to The Breakfast Club, seems to have been taken at the time Ocasio-Cortez was at Boston University.

He treated the initial tweeter as one of the many broadcasters in the video.

A Twitter user, whose pseudonym was referring to the QAnon-popular conspiracy theory among supporters of President Donald Trump, tweeted the video with the insult that accompanies it: "Here's the" favorite game of any the world, the United States, who acts like a naive idiot … High School Video of "Sandy" Ocasio-Cortez. "

It is fair to say that most people, however, have not shared this reaction with a young exuberant Ocasio-Cortez dance.

"Now she is completely exhausted. The recently-released video reveals that when the AOC was in college, she was … adorable, wrote Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty.

"Oh look!" @AOC acted like a typical high school teenager when she was a teenager in high school.Hang your pearls, everyone, "wrote Ana Navarro, an analyst at CNN." People obsessed with Ocasio-Cortez Surely only know what has been accomplished with constant attacks against her: she is raising her star higher.It is stupid.


"The reason @FoxNews newspapers at @dcexaminer can not prevent me from being obsessed with my clothes, my rent, or misrepresenting respectful speeches like" fighting " is because, as I said, women like me are not supposed to run for office – – or win and that's exactly why BX and Queens have sent me here She tweeted in November in response to suggestions Conservative outlets that her clothes were too expensive for someone who said that she was having financial difficulties.

The daring follow-up given by Le Miere on Friday added the Congresswoman's response (one could even say that she skilfully "jumped" on the non-existent controversy to attack the Republicans): "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the dance video Reaction: "Unsuspecting Republicans would think that having fun should be disqualifying or illegal.& # 39; "

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to a viral video of her dance at the university that critics tried to use as a last weapon against the new Congressman, saying that it was "no surprise" the Republicans would have a problem with it.

"It's not surprising that Republicans think that fun should be disqualifying or illegal," she told The Hill, Olivia Beavers, on Friday.

Ocasio-Cortez also echoed the sentiment expressed by many on social media.

Le Miere continued to push the air:

A number of conservative accounts shared the video of Ocasio-Cortez dancing at the "Lisztomania" in Phoenix, in an apparent tribute to The Breakfast Club of his stint at Boston University. One of the first tweets of the video described it as "the favorite commie of the United States, who behaves like a naive fool".

"One of the first tweets of the video"? That's the only reason we talk about it.

But efforts to discredit this 29-year-old woman, who became the youngest member of Congress after her swearing-in on Thursday, seemed to turn around dramatically. The online reaction on the video was very positive: the observers described it as "adorable" and made fun of some people's "claw-to-pearl" reaction on the right.

Who, exactly, right? Again, not a single Conservative has been named, whether pearl or otherwise. The Miere can only name the simple tweet of the account now deleted.

Inevitably, Le Miere was linked to Ocasio-Cortez's Twitter feed, which included a new dance.