Jennifer Garner, Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix Attend the 12th edition of the Gala Art of Elysium • varie?


Certainly, the Elysium ArtThe twelfth annual charity event on Saturday night, in a gigantic new venue in Koreatown, called it "paradise," but as anyone trying to book an Uber can attest, the weather atypically rainy at night. Outside was a hell on earth. "Everyone gets a little wet," said the photographer (and Variety donor) Michael Muller, who was honored as the organization's visionary for 2019 and also designed the "Blade Runner underwater" themed décor. "I was a little panicked to leave the house, but it really stopped shining and I rushed to the door," said the actress and artist Beau Dunn, which received the Spirit of Elysium Award. "I was like:" The sky is closed for a second! "

But the rain did not stop an assortment of famous guests from competing with the glamorous Golden Globe Awards, which included actors (Mel Gibson, Josh Brolinand co-chair of the event Joaquin Phoenix), actresses (Jennifer Garner, Lily Collinsand co-chair of the event Rooney Mara) and musicians (Babyface, Usher and Courtney Love).

"The reason people come year after year is because they do the job," said AOE's founder. Jennifer HowellNoting that many guests have volunteered for the charity that originally used art therapy to help care for hospitalized children, but has now evolved to include veterans, the elderly and the incarcerated. "We're a charity for artists and as dazzling as in Hollywood, I think people come here because they dream of being artists who can help the world, whether in a movie The world can see If it is directed, if it is written, no matter what medium, I believe the artists really want to use their own creative craft to help. And all those who come and volunteer come back to why they became artists in the first place: the link they get through volunteering allows them to believe in what we do. "

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner and Adam Levine

Speaking of creating a bond, the Phoenix and Mara couples do not seem to be able to hold hands. Obviously, the love was in the air: Brolin arrived, his arm around his wife, Kathryn Boyd, and Gibson walked on the black carpet hand in hand with his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross. Single and obviously ready to mingle Josh Duhamel interrupted a conversation Garner had to flatter his flirt with his pastime Instagram inspired by Martha Stewart: "I love your cooking show" he cooed.

Meanwhile, professional chef Shirley Chun held a family feast featuring a collection of cold Chinese appetizers (crudo tuna, emperor cabbage, kumquat and snow pea), followed by a second dish including California tofu, sea sugar fried wok. and broccolini with black pepper sauce. The crowd also ate a superchic fashion show by Peter Dundas and eclectic musical performances from Linda Perry, Chuck Dand the New York duo Phantogram.

Long-time volunteers have also made a meeting night Topher Grace and his wife Ashley, which is only fitting given the fact that the couple first met Elysium ArtThe "heavenly" performance of six years ago. "Jen Howell sat us next to each other," Ashley recalled. "The story is a bit confusing, but Topher says that he asked Jen to sit next to him at a table." Added Topher: "I saw her in made at a previous event and begged her. I have been coming for more than 10 years. The amazing thing is that over time it's expanding – they're not just working with kids anymore. They work with veterinarians, homeless people and people in prison. "

But Grace, who starred in the Globe-nominated film "Blackkklansman," had to reserve some energy for the Sunday night ceremony: "I have to save my voice because we have to walk the red carpet tomorrow."