On Thursday, January 3rd, West Yavapai Guidance Clinic leaders opened the doors of its 18-year-old Windsong Center in Prescott Valley to offer community leaders and non-profit organizations the opportunity to visit its outpatient clinic for children and adults. .

It was also a good time to say goodbye to some of the main directors of the clinic.

On Friday, Laura Norman, the clinic's development and communications officer and executive director of the foundation, resigned after 22.5 years. In July, Larry Green, CEO of the clinic since 2005, will retire. The clinic's board is currently looking for a new director to evaluate the management team and its needs.

One of the organization's busiest facilities, Windsong Clinic is a hub for ambulatory psychiatric care, case management and other related services for adults and at least half of the 1,000 children enrolled. in the services of the clinic. The WYGC also has two other children's facilities – divided into "caterpillars" and "butterflies" – in Prescott and Chino Valley.

The Windsong Clinic was built on land previously owned by the Fain family. WYGC donated one acre and purchased another which became the site of the nearby clinic for people requiring outpatient treatment for addiction disorders.

Some of the unique features of the center, divided into separate spaces for adults and children, are a patio with equipment specially designed for children with autism; a primary care clinic specializing in a holistic approach to health for people with serious mental illness; and a wall painting space for the clinic's youngest clients, officials said.

The Open House was organized to give the community a chance to see what the clinic has to offer, as well as to answer questions about access and the brand of services they provide.

West Yavapai Guidance Clinic is the largest provider of mental health care in the region.

In addition to outpatient care, the clinic also runs a low-income adult rehabilitation center in Prescott and operates the 16-bed inpatient hospital at Windhaven in Prescott Valley. The clinic has an outpatient clinic in the Chino Valley and runs the Seniors Peer Prevention Program, which links isolated seniors to peer volunteers. These volunteers conduct assessments and home visits to provide support for these older adults to stay healthy, safe and active.

In 2017, the West Yavapai Guidance Clinic opened its last service, a Crisis Stabilization Unit in Prescott Valley at a cost of just under $ 2 million. Clinic management salutes CSU as a gateway for people struggling with a mental health crisis, offering them the opportunity to be immediately assessed and evaluated up to 24 hours. For those who require more intensive treatments, the facility has eight short-term hospital beds and staff can also refer to their other outpatient or treatment centers.

The vice president of the clinic's board of directors, John Coomer, said that he enjoyed the open house to show the community one of the many facilities available to the organization to treat children and adults in need of a variety of behavioral health needs.

Although the clinic received considerable publicity about the opening of its crisis stabilization unit more than a year ago, Coomer said "There are many more things than the WYGC from birth to death.

The Daily Courier introduced Norman in a Life Profile article on December 30, 2018. Visit dCourier.com to read it.