published: On Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 9:00 am


Kaitlin Schroeder


– Local non-profit organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati and the National Alliance of Mental Illnesses of Southwest Ohio were among the recipients of a grant from $ 5,000 recently awarded by the CareSource Foundation.

The CareSource Foundation awarded $ 155,000 in grants in the second half of 2018, the press release said.

Founding Ohio-based insurance company directs its grants to non-profit organizations that fight poverty, provide services to low- and middle-income families, build healthier communities, and develop innovative approaches to deal with important social problems.

CareSource has approximately 2 million members in five states. Most of its business comes from Medicaid's private plan management, but the insurer also sells private Medicare plans and individual plans sold through the Affordable Care Act.

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"Health care is just one part of the complex life of our consumers and our community," said Cathy Ponitz, vice president of the Care Source Foundation. "The CareSource Foundation allows us to transcend standard healthcare and reach out to our local communities to better understand and solve social problems."

Other groups that have received donations in southwest Ohio include Fisher-Nightingale Houses, CA Group, Clark County Literacy Coalition, Echoing Hills Village, Inc., Family Violence Prevention Center, Giving Life to a Dream Home (GLAD), Health Partners Free Clinic Miami County Recovery Council, Ronald McDonald House Dayton Charities and Springfield Christian Youth.