Friday, October 13, 2006

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l & # 39; Internet users of the website report that the long-standing block of Wikipedia by China was at least temporarily lifted. In the absence of an announcement from the Chinese government, the conditions that made the site accessible from China remain unclear.

Andrew Lih, a contributor to Wikipedia, says that someone "Pekin I sent an email telling him that he could suddenly start using Wikipedia again. People in Hubei said that he was still stuck. Shanghai and Guangdong users said the parts were accessible. "

He went on to say that "from a residence in Beijing China Netcom DSL connection, the English version and other foreign language versions are now accessible, but the Chinese version is still blocked ", noting that the Chinese language version is the most important for most Wikipedians in the country.

The blog goes on to explain the intricacies of the Chinese blocking system, which is more complex than most media would suggest.

Head of Wikimedia Jimmy Wales told Yesterday, we said, "We do not know what they were upset about. We really do not intend to compromise like Google. We also think blocking is a mistake. I'm trying to organize high level meetings in China to explain our case and explain why we should be unlocked. We have no idea of ​​the result. But we are somewhat optimistic. Wikipedia is not a paradise for dissenters, but an encyclopedia. About 99.9% of Wikipedia has topics that are of no interest to the Chinese government. There is no political component. We hope they can see the point. "

He also said at the exit, pointing out that such bans were blocking Chinese prospects in the global media. "[The] The Chinese would like to contribute to Wikipedia to give the Chinese perspective to the world. And China needs to be better understood by the rest of the world. "

The third block of Wikipedia, implemented on October 19, 2005, was published without explanation or length. Wikipedia had already been blocked twice before, the first from June 2 to 21, 2004, due to the 15th anniversary of Incident Tian Square & Anmen.

A website called, a self-censored wiki-based encyclopedic website, was launched in April of this year.

Wikipedia is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization based on Saint PETERSBOURG, Florida. Its 2007 annual conference, Wikimaniawill take place in Taipei.



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