Sandy Hook Promise Receives Disney Support to Expand Program


Connecticut News

NEWTOWN, Connecticut (WTNH) – Sandy Hook Promise has been working tirelessly to transform tragedy into a transformation since the dark day of December 2012. Now, the non-profit organization is supported by Disney.

"We met Disney Corporation and Bob Iger last summer and started talking to them about ways to work together," Nicole Hockley told News 8. "They were interested in learning more about Promise, our impact and our programs. "

Nicole Hockley is the Executive Director of Sandy Hook Promise. His son, Dylan, was one of 20 children killed six years ago. Until now, the nonprofit organization employs it to prevent tragic and senseless loss of life, especially through armed violence. Use of public interest messages and other methods to educate youth. One of them is a program called "Start with Hello".

"The Start with Hello program we are currently offering to high school and college students and which really promotes social inclusion explains how to recognize an isolated, socially isolated person who needs help, and then how to create that. link, "says Hockley.

Thanks to Disney's funding, Sandy Hook Promise will now be able to expand the Start with Hello program to nearly three million elementary school students in some 6,000 schools across the country. Offer interactive programs that children can do in class or at home. Programs that could change lives.

For Hockley, it's about creating a legacy for Dylan, as well as for his only other child.

"It means the whole world knows that we are doing something that saves the lives of others," Hockley said. "I could not save my son, but by his name and the work we all do at Sandy Hook Promise on his behalf and Daniel Barden's, we are helping to create a safer future and ability to pay, pass on and help others – it helps me a lot and it's also the right thing to do. "