Applebee's teamed with South Dakota's men's basketball head coach, T.J. Otzelberger will raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of East Dakota. One dollar will be donated to the boys and girls club for each "Otzel burger" purchased during the SDSU basketball season.

More than 1,500 hamburgers have been sold in the past month, for a total of $ 1,500 donated to the organization. Funds raised will go to extramural programming and the organization's healthy living program for Boys and Girls Clubs in Brookings, Moody and Yankton counties, according to Karla Eidem, Club Development Manager. boys and girls from Brookings.

"It's an excellent partnership where we are able to share even more with the public and our impact on not only children, but also the families and communities we serve," said Eidem. "When schools are finished, we are there, and on snowy days and holidays, children find themselves in a safe and fun place."

Legacy Apple, the owner of the franchise, created a similar promotion for Fred Hoiberg (the Hoi burger), the coach of the Chicago Bulls, when he was coach at Iowa State, while Otzelberger was an assistant coach at Iowa State. After the company bought six Applebee sites in South Dakota, Otzelberger contacted Harris and wanted to continue a similar campaign.

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Harris hopes that the Otzel burger will have the same success as Hoi-burger in Iowa, which has raised $ 4,300 for extracurricular programs in central Iowa.

The Boys and Girls Club is an organization with which Otzelberger has been involved for years, before coming to the state of South Dakota.

"I would learn about the existence of these children and the variables, circumstances or challenges they faced," Otzelberger said. "I just wanted to be a positive resource and help them build a foundation that would help them reach their potential."

He hopes his family will be able to invest and devote more time to the organization. But for now, he and his wife are using their acting skills to advertise for the burger.

"It's a great opportunity," he said. "I have certainly shown that my acting skills are not very strong and that I would not have a theatrical performance in the future, but it was fun, and it has something to do with our family that we appreciated. "

The Otzel burger changes every month and will continue until the end of the SDSU basketball season.

Correction December 31, 2018: The campaign raised $ 1,500 for the Boys and Girls Club, not $ 150, as noted earlier in this article.