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In a startling revelation, a publisher of Voice of Europe, an online populist publication, is accused of working for British police intelligence as part of a program aimed at British and European political organizations. The alleged violation comes several weeks after Disobedient media pointed out the danger that the UK is involved in the Yellow Vests protests for geopolitical gains.

People at the center of the incident warn that it may have been part of a larger UK program targeting anti-government organizations such as Wikileaks, as well as right wing movements and politicians. in the United States and Europe.

The disappearance leads to the control of the editor of Voice of Europe

The operation was first revealed on January 1, 2019 by an independent researcher Nicholas Monroe, who worried about the disappearance of Peter Imanuelson, a British national born in Norway living in North Yorkshire and blogging under the pseudonym Peter Sweden. Imanuelson, known for his affiliation with identity and populist movements in Europe, such as Defend Europe, had alarmed him by ending his constant activity on Twitter for the month of December 2018. Monroe & # 39; s investigation revealed troubling indications that Imanuelson had been wrapped up in a British police intelligence operation which is known to target right and far left political movements across Europe.

Imanuelson had become engaged in November to a editor and "second in command" of the right populist right-wing news website, Voice of Europe. The publisher, known by the nickname "Laura Cat", claims to be a single 25-year-old woman. However, "Laura Cat" clean social media messages established that she is actually a married mother whose brother is an employee of the British Metropolitan Police.

In 2009, the guardian revealed that a British police officer had gone into 22 different countries on a fake passport including Ireland, Iceland and Spain. Targeted movements included green groups, "anti-racists" and anarchists. Kennedy was a member of National Intelligence Unit on Public Order, a secret organization run by a limited liability company that allows it to remain exempt from freedom of information laws and other public accountability control mechanisms. A database published by the guardian October 15, 2018 revealed that the British police had infiltrated 124 movements since the 1970s and would even engage in sex with targets. According to one declaration Laura Cat of Imanuelson also works with an unnamed charity that fights against trafficking and collaborates with MI5 and the US Department of Justice.

Peter Imanuelson's father, Emanuel, revealed that since Peter had started talking to "Laura Cat", their family had been systematically targeted by hacking and wiretapping attempts. When Imanuelson confronted the woman about her concern about being part of a government program aimed at targeting her son, he was stuck on social media by his personal account as well as by Voice of Europe.

The operation could affect the UK UK and target populist leadership in Europe and the United States

Further statements Emanuel Imanuelson indicates that "Laura Cat" would be part of a program targeting organizations and political figures in the United States and Europe. According to Imanuelson's father, the targets include Wikileaks, owners of Voice of Europe, Polish politician Dominik Tarczyński, anonymous Republican politicians, a "person close to Donald Trump", Tommy Robinson and UKIP politician Janice Atkinson. "Laura Cat" would also have hoped to use her relationship with Voice of Europe to build relationships with personalities such as Geert Wilders, Marie Le Pen, Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orban. The Editor-in-Chief of Voice of Europe has also worked for freelance journalists such as Laura Loomer.

If the testimony of Imanuelson's family and Nick Monroe's research is confirmed, they will constitute a major security breach for anti-establishment movements in the United States and Europe. In November 2018, a report by Mintpress News revealed that white American supremacists had been trained by the group of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the Azov Battalion, assisted by the Ukrainian, American and Israeli governments. Far right groups in Ukraine such as Right Sector also work with Islamic militants who have been trained to ISIS in Syria.

The infiltration of extremist groups on the left and right is a known tactic of the security forces, but the British program seems to aim more broadly at mainstream populist movements and public figures. This raises serious questions about the possibility that similar operations also exist in the United States and Canada. A little like Infiltration of the CIA The British approach of left-wing protest groups during the Cold War allows them to use their assets to control the stories passed on to their supporters, impede the effectiveness of populist movements and direct policies so as to bring them political advantages.