The expansion of services and opportunities responded to the growing needs and challenges facing non-profit organizations, according to Tammy Filippi, Sourcewell's not-for-profit member.

"Sourcewell has always recognized the importance of its non-profit partners throughout the region, but was finally able to devote full-time resources," Filippi said in a press release. "I am honored to serve in this capacity and look forward to working with non-profit organizations that make an incredible difference in Region 5."

On January 22, Sourcewell will host the first of a three-part series titled Succession Training for Nonprofits. Whether there is an unplanned vacancy within the staff or board, or the anticipated transition of a long-time leader, a plan in place can help non-profit organizations deal with the inevitable challenges .

Designed for a two-person team, sessions one and two focus on the roles and responsibilities of individuals, while the final session brings together the non-profit organization's team for a shared strategy. To ensure continuity and the best result, organizations are invited to attend all three sessions.

Session 1 – Executive Directors and Management Staff

Tuesday, January 22, from 11:30 to 15:00

This session will focus on:

• understand the roles of the Executive Director and the Board,

• Define who is doing what now and in the future,

• Identify and develop talents for future leadership.

Session 2 – Board of Directors

16:30 – 20:00, Tuesday 26 February

This session will focus on:

• Respond to the needs of acting leaders

• Maintain continuity of leadership while mitigating risks

Session 3 – All Officers: Board of Directors, General Managers and Supervisory Staff

Thursday, March 21, from 4:30 pm to 8 pm

This session will focus on:

• Identify opportunities and challenges from all points of view,

• Target organizational stability and continuity through leadership change.

The three sessions will be held at Sourcewell in Staples and will be presented by Julie Pelzl of J. Pelzl Consulting. The cost is $ 45 per two-person team for non-profit organizations in Region 5 or $ 105 per person for two people for other non-profit organizations. Meals are included.

The deadline to register is January 15th. For more information, including session descriptions, visit